Our Story

Dr. MarkAnthony Anumah was born 9th of July 1961, lived for 48 years and died 9th of September 2009. He was a Pediatric Surgeon and took his job much more than a career but as a vocation, a way of extending the love of Christ to others.

His dream and passion while he was alive was “how the voiceless and the faceless Nigerians could get specialist and quality healthcare”.

The good Lord has kept this dream alive today!!!


Mark Anumah Medical Mission (MAMM) is a non-governmental organization (CAC no. 53499), established in memory of Dr. MarkAnthony Anumah a paediatric surgeon who died on the 9th of September 2009.

 Our Mission

To be a passionate voice for change through education and service, so we can reduce the burden of disease and help Nigerians, lead safer, healthier and longer lives.

Our Vision

To see Nigerians get well informed, age gracefully and have our life expectancy increase to 75-80 years in the near future

Our Core Values

Service beyond self, Respect for human rights, Public mindedness, Accountability, Truthfulness, Integrity, Voluntarism